Linear Tracks for Robots

Offering cost-effective and highly reliable linear tracks for industrial robots.


Linear tracks(also known as 7th axis tracks/rails) is a common form of Robot Transfer Unit(RTU), mainly consisting of a base, robot baseplate, gearbox/motor mount, linear guides, and cable chain. It is typically fixed to the floor using bolts and allows the robot to move accurately to different positions during operation through interfaces and customized programs, significantly expanding the robot's operating range

Our heavy duty tracks can be classified based on the sealing form into open, semi-enclosed, and fully enclosed, and based on the roller elements into linear guides and roller types. Commonly used materials include steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The robot linear track is widely used in industries such as spraying, welding, handling, stacking, casting, painting/gluing, machine tool loading/unloading, intelligent warehousing, and automotive manufacturing

The linear tracks we produce are fully compatible with industrial robots from brands such as KUKA, ABB, and FANUC. They can be customized according to customer requirements, including travel distance, maximum payload, speed, materials, and accessories, showcasing high precision and low failure rates.

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Payload capacity: 50kg - 15,000kg

Run speed: 0.2m/s - 3m/s

Material: Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Customizable, Available for OEM

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China


Opened Linear Track

Opened Linear Track

Fully Enclosed Linear Track

Fully Enclosed Linear Track

Fully Enclosed Linear Track

Fully Enclosed Linear Track

Linear Track with cable chain

Linear Track with cable chain

Linear track with cable chain

Linear track with cable chain

Details & Specs

Payload capacity 5kg-15,000kg
Speed range 0.2m/s-3m/s
Acceleration 1m/s²-3m/s²
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Mounting position Floor Installation (using chemical bolts)
Main body material Steel(Q235), Aluminum or Stainless Steel(304/201)
Number of robot installations 1 - 3 units (customizable for more installations)
Drive type AC Servo Motor Drive, Rack & Pinion
Effective travel distance 1-100m (1m intervals, customizable for special and extra-long distances)
Surface treatment processe Sandblasting, Rust Removal, Baking Paint, Quenching(options)
Installation conditions Ambient Temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius
Ambient Humidity: Usually 75% RH or below (no condensation), temporarily up to 95% RH (within 1 month)
Vibration: 0.5G or below
Application industriess Material Handling, Picking, Palletizing, Painting, Welding, Gluing, Smart Warehousing, Lab Testing
Robots examples ABB IRB 4600, FANUC-M710, KUKA KR 30, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to place an order and calculate the price?

    To place an order and calculate the price for our robot linear tracks, please contact our sales team either via email or phone. Provide them with the specifications you require, such as length, maximum payload, speed, materials, and any other customization options. Our team will then provide you with a quotation based on your requirements.

  • What are the payment and after-sales methods?

    We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, letter of credit(LC), open account, and online payment platforms. For after-sales support, we offer technical assistance, spare parts supply, maintenance services, and training programs to ensure the smooth operation of our robot linear tracks.

  • What about shipping, installation, and commissioning?

    We provide shipping services worldwide, ensuring safe and timely delivery of our products to your location. Upon arrival, our team can assist with the installation and commissioning of the robot ground tracks to ensure they are set up and running correctly. Additionally, we offer remote technical support and on-site assistance if needed during the installation process.

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