Gantry Robot Systems

Offering low-cost and highly customized heavy duty gantry robot systems.


Gantry robots(also known as cartesian robots or linear robots), provide precise and autonomous solutions for industrial automation. Operating within a three-dimensional cube envelope, they utilize X, Y, and Z-axis for motion and depth. Gantry robots commonly feature structures with two axes (XX'-Z), three axes (XX'-Y-Z), and so on.

Primarily used for material handling and placement, gantry robots find applications in various industries such as automotive, manufacturing industry, chemical and pharmaceutical. Specific tasks include stacking, sorting, CNC loading and unloading, spraying, assembly, and more.

The system consists of a high-strength steel or aluminum structural frame, drive modules(powered by chains, belts or steel cables), servo motors, cable carriers, gear reducers, limit sensors, and other components.

Our gantry robot system offers a compact footprint, enhanced work efficiency, and reduced production costs. We can tailor different configurations to meet your specific requirements, and optional features like end effectors and protective devices are available.

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Payload capacity: 50kg - 2.9tons

Max travel: X,Y: 1m-10m Z: 0.5m-2m

X,Y speed: 1m/s - 1.5m/s

Customizable, Available for OEM

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China












Details & Specs

Z-Axis Payload 50kg-500kg, up to 2.9tons (Heavy Duty)
Max travel X: 1m-100m Y: 1m-10m Z: 0.5m-2m (Customizable)
X,Y-axis speed range 1m/s-1.5m/s
X,Y-axis acceleration 0.5m/s²-1m/s²
Z-axis acceleration 1m/s²
Repeatability ±0.1 mm
Max of Y-Axis 1-10
Mounting position Floor Installation (using chemical bolts)
Frame material Steel(Q235), Aluminum
Surface treatment processe Sandblasting, Rust Removal, Baking Paint, Quenching(options)
Additional capabilities Extended Travels, Rotary Motion Modules, End Effectors, Protective Guarding, Custom Support Structures
Application industries Heavy material handling, Picking, Sorting, Palletizing, Spray-painting, Smart warehousing, Photovoltaic/EV Lithium batteries manufacturing, Large-scale laser cutting, Aerospace Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to place an order and calculate the price?

    To place an order and calculate the price for our gantry robot systems, please contact our sales team either via email or phone. Provide them with the specifications you require, such as length, maximum payload, speed, materials, and any other customization options. Our team will then provide you with a quotation based on your requirements.

  • What are the payment and after-sales methods?

    We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, letter of credit(LC), open account, and online payment platforms. For after-sales support, we offer technical assistance, spare parts supply, maintenance services, and training programs to ensure the smooth operation of our gantry robot systems.

  • What about shipping, installation, and commissioning?

    We provide shipping services worldwide, ensuring safe and timely delivery of our products to your location. Upon arrival, our team can assist with the installation and commissioning of the gantry robot systems to ensure they are set up and running correctly. Additionally, we offer remote technical support and on-site assistance if needed during the installation process.

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